Why we value transparency

Now, more than ever, donors expect transparency, honesty and authenticity from the causes, charities and NPOs they support. The recent scandal involving one of the largest and most beloved charities in the UK show how failures to uphold these values can have devastating consequences for these organisations, and ultimately, to their beneficiaries.

As a company that supports charities, we want to make sure that those values are reflected in how we work as well. As we build DonorDo and progress on this startup journey, we will share the details with our customers and the public. We do not want it to be a PR stunt or a startup gimmick: it would be a genuine attempt at sharing relevant, important and useful information with our stakeholders.

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Open Source Contributions

Tools we have developed and made freely available to the public

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Pricing Methodology

How we set our pricing and how much we make from sales

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Product Roadmap

Ideas we brainstorm, features we have planned and our schedule